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The Sweet Spot in Marriage

We sit together just enjoying the stillness. We refer to the place we’re in now as the sweet spot. Peace lives here, and this moment is not lost on us. It wasn’t always this way in our marriage. We’ve come full circle, and the sum of the journey would not be complete without each part.

We met in high school, dated briefly, broke up, and then reconnected the fall after graduation. Engaged within a couple months, we married the following August. The first year was everything I imagined it could be, but then as life took some tough shots at us, we quickly found out we were ill-equipped to withstand the storm.

The next several years were rocky at best. I don’t even remember what caused all the arguments, but I remember the anger — his anger, my anger, holes in the wall, slammed doors, sleepless nights, souls aching, and distance.

I vividly remember the evening I scooped up our two young sons and drove to a nearby strip mall. I vowed never to return home. This time, I was really done — done with marriage, done with my husband, maybe even done with life as I once again contemplated suicide.

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