How to Embrace the Season You’re In

Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash If you’ve lived very many years, as I have, you’ve most likely come to understand that we experience many different seasons throughout the course of our lives. Just like in nature, seasons change. Sometimes we welcome the new season, and other times we mourn for the ones that are…

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The Mysteries of Grief – Part 1

Today’s my dad’s birthday. He’s 86 years old today, but his last five birthdays have been in heaven. I miss him. Although I have experienced many losses over the course of my life, I find grief and the grieving process to be a curious thing. I can’t speak for anyone else, just myself, but the…

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What NOT to Do When Your Prayers Aren’t Answered

Man kneeling at cross

  We’ve all experienced it.  We’ve prayed selfless prayers for others believing beyond a shadow of a doubt that God would materialize the answer to our prayer because, after all, it was a “good” prayer to help someone in desperate need of a miracle.  But, the answer didn’t come in the way we expected. I…

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Beauty from the Broken

Mosaic heart

I find mosaics intriguing.  Beauty created from broken.  Perhaps you’ve seen table tops made from broken pieces of china or art work made from sea glass formed out of fragments of discarded bottles.  Stained glass windows which adorn cathedrals and churches would not be possible without the individual and many times oddly shaped pieces of…

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In the Quiet Knowing

We sit across the table from each other.  He calls out the heaviness in my heart, and it is only then that I realize its full weight. It’s been a season of change, of loss, of new places, and of growth. The corners of his mouth rise in a gentle smile.  The kindness in his…

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